Best Summer Candles

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For some reason many of us think of burning candles more in the fall and winter months when the days are shorter and the evenings colder.  It just seems right to have the warmth of a candle glowing during these times, adding light and warmth to our home.    Many of the candle scents like Spicy Pumpkin Pudding and Candy Corn are geared towards the cooler months.  Realizing that homes need good fragrance all year and quite frankly some of the natural summer scents that get in our houses aren't all that pleasant, many candle companies have started creating candles...

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Best American Made Candles

Candle Companies Candles Jar Candles Made in the USA Soy Candles

We are often asked "What's your favorite candle?" or "What is the best candle?" Those are some difficult questions for us because the suppliers we've chosen to buy our candles from are among the best in the country.  Each of the candle companies we source from have two things in common 1) An amazing candle product and 2) Made in the USA!   Choosing a candle is a matter of personal preference...some people like floral scents, some spice scents, others want baked goods while many prefer seasonal scents.   Some people prefer jars while others like pillars.  Over the years...

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