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For some reason many of us think of burning candles more in the fall and winter months when the days are shorter and the evenings colder.  It just seems right to have the warmth of a candle glowing during these times, adding light and warmth to our home.   

Many of the candle scents like Spicy Pumpkin Pudding and Candy Corn are geared towards the cooler months.  Realizing that homes need good fragrance all year and quite frankly some of the natural summer scents that get in our houses aren't all that pleasant, many candle companies have started creating candles specifically for the summer season. 

Warm Glow Candles for Summer

Take for example, Warm Glow Candle Company.  They have created a variety of scents that can be used during the summer months.  Having a party?  Get it started with a Lime Magarita or Berry Sangria candle.  Do you miss your favorite beach?  Check out the Summer Sands candle.  Are you ready for a summer picnic?  Then the Melon Splash candle is perfect for you (this one even looks the part, it's green on the outside and red on the inside!).  

Americana Vintage Candles For Summer

Another candle company making summer scents is Americana Vintage.  If you're a gardener then you'll love the perfect scent of the Green Tomato or Sweet Herbs candle.  A summer cooking favorite is the Rosemary candle.  For a clean and fresh scent in your home a Lemon Grass Candle from Americana Vintage is one of the best choices.  If you are a fan of fresh fruits then maybe the Fresh Pear candle is for you.  

Whatever your preference there is a summer candle to match your needs and bring some fantastic scent and comfort into your home.  Do you have a favorite summer scent?  Let us know in the comments.  

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