From humble beginnings – Hearts and Flowers opened its doors in July, 1986 in a very small building behind a barbeque restaurant at a crossroads known as Turner’s Corner. The building had been previously used as a motor-inn room in the early days of automobiles. Turner’s Corner caters to campers and was a weekend/seasonal location. In March of 1989 we moved to our present location on Highway 115 just off the Cleveland Square and just within the city limits of Cleveland, Georgia. While still relatively small in size, the new location was large in comparison to the original location.

The current location of Hearts and Flowers Primitives is a turn-of –the –century farmhouse located on a small creek. While not very big in size, it houses a large inventory of primitive accessories. Still on the property is a building that originally housed a grist mill. While the equipment that ran the mill has been gone for many years, the building is unique in that it is an octagon shape with log siding.

Through the years we have been here we have heard many stories from people who lived in the house or visited others who lived here. Several times a year a local church, Mt. View Baptist, damned the creek and baptized parishioners in front of the house. Photos support these accounts. Also, although there are no photos or evidence, rumor has it that moonshine was made in a house up on the hill behind the shop. As the story goes, there was one policeman and they would wait in a truck camouflaged with tree branches until he had passed over the two bridges and then they followed him toward town, selling their product and returning home before he turned around to complete his watch. In the 115 years this building has seen many families pass through, babies were born here and people passed away here. In the early 1980s the building was used as an antique store and for a short time after that it housed a bait and tackle shop.

On March 17, 1989 this charming little property became Hearts and Flowers Country Crafts and a few years later the name changed to its current name of Hearts and Flowers Primitives. Although it may seem at odds with the appearance and location of the business, since it does not enjoy running water, heat or air conditioning, it does boast a website and wi-fi!!