Most Requested Gifts 2016

It's always fun to see what the most requested gifts are each year in the store.  Here's a list so far of what we're seeing people want the most!       Mailboxes- We have several different sizes and styles of mailboxes to choose from.  These work great as an outdoor wall decoration or use them inside or on a door filled with flowers, greenery, or berries.  $39.95 each   Tart Burners -  These make a great gift for just about anyone on your list.  Get the wonderful scent of a candle in your home without the flame.  $22.50 each....

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Characters of Christmas

Christmas Open House

Christmas Characters We always have a great selection of the characters of Christmas including Santas, snowmen, angels, and Nativities.  Check out some of our favorites below and come on by the store to see these and others up close and personal. These characters of Christmas don't usually last long so come on in the store to see them in person and take them home before they're gone.    

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Best Christmas Candles 2016

Great Christmas Candles for 2016 The Christmas season is a time for creating new memories and sharing old memories with friends and family.  The sense of smell is a powerful way to trigger memories and ensure that new memories last a lifetime.  This year we have a variety of amazing scented candles to make your home smell great for Christmas.  Check them out below and if you're close come on by the store for a whiff of Christmas.   All Time Favorite Christmas Candles Mistletoe Kisses is an annual favorite for many people.  This soy candle is a wonderful combination...

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Christmas Lighting

Christmas Lighting Once the tree is up, the garlands hung, and the wreath is placed on the door the color and warmth of light can be added.  We have several great options for adding warm light to your Christmas decorations.  Check out some of our favorite options below:   The Clip on Candles are remote controlled and battery operated.  There are no cords on these so you can place them just about anywhere.  Put some on the tree, more on the mantle, and even add some to a wreath or table center-piece to add light.  Then turn them all on...

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Garlands, Berries, and Wreaths for Christmas Decorating

Christmas Christmas Tree floral greenery

Getting your home ready for Christmas can be as simple as putting up a simple tree, stringing a few garlands or hanging a simple wreath of greens.  Or you can go all out (Clark Griswold style) with multiple Christmas trees scattered throughout the home, wreaths and candles in every window, plus garlands on the mantle, stairs and other places.  Whatever your style or decorating desires we have some of the most realistic looking greens, berries and wreaths available.  Checkout some of our favorites below: Flocked Berries and Leaves Eucalyptus and Berries Wreath Christmas Trees from 12" to 5' Tall Cascading...

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