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We are often asked "What's your favorite candle?" or "What is the best candle?" Those are some difficult questions for us because the suppliers we've chosen to buy our candles from are among the best in the country.  Each of the candle companies we source from have two things in common 1) An amazing candle product and 2) Made in the USA!  

Choosing a candle is a matter of personal preference...some people like floral scents, some spice scents, others want baked goods while many prefer seasonal scents.   Some people prefer jars while others like pillars.  Over the years we have been able to put together a great collection of candles all made in the USA.  No matter your preferences a candle from one of the below companies is sure to please. 

1803 Candles:

1803 Mistletoe Kisses Candle

In 2006 after a year of testing different methods of wicking and pouring soy wax 1803 Candles launched their first line of candles.  Since then the small company in Waterman, IL has been pouring the best soy candles on the market.  The 1803 Candles that we carry are made with clean burning and renewable soy wax.  During the Christmas season our #1 seller is the Mistletoe Kisses jar candle.  

A Cheerful Giver Candles:

A Cheerful Giver Candles Keepers of the Light

In 1991 A Cheerful Giver Candles started pouring clean burning, high quality jar candles known as Keepers of the Light in Elmer, NJ.  These candles have been a staple at Hearts and Flowers Primitives for as long as we can remember.  When people come into our store they immediately comment about how great the shop smells and when they describe the fragrance that they are picking up it is almost always the Keepers of the Light Praline Caramel Sticky Bun candle.  It is our number one seller from A Cheerful Giver.  

Americana Vintage Candles:

Americana Vintage Candles

Americana Vintage Candles are hand poured and rolled by hand by the owner in their New Jersey candle factory.  These candles are our top online seller because they are not only high quality but they are sometimes hard to find.  Because each candle is crafted by hand many of the seasonal scents such as Evergreen and Citrus and Green Tomato sell out quickly due to limited quantities.  The most popular Americana Vintage Candle that we sell is their Homestead candle, a great combination of strong spices.  

Thompson's Candle Company Super Scented Candles:

Thompson's Candle Company Wax Melts


The Thompson Candle Company started making their Super Scented Candles in 1997 in Huntingdon, PA.  We have been carrying their line of wax melts and candles for several years and love their performance.  Our most popular Thompson's Super Scented Candle is their Butter Rum scent in both wax melts and candles.  

Warm Glow Candle Company:

Warm Glow Candles

Alan and Jackie Carberry started Warm Glow Candle Company in their basement in 1994.  Since then, Warm Glow Candle Company has been proudly pouring by hand some of the best "lumpy, bumpy" candles available today.  Their most popular candles, and one of our top sellers is their Evening Mocha candle.   

As you can see we have sourced one of the best collections of American made candle suppliers in the market from some of the best people & companies.  No wonder we have a hard time telling people which one is our favorite.  

Do you have a favorite?  Tell us what it is.  


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