Thank You Mom...Here's a Candle...

Let's make mom happy this Mothers Day (May 1`3th) with a great smelling candle that looks good too!  We have candles for every taste and every mom.  

Thank you mom for doing our laundry:  You always had clean clothes growing up.  Moms are sure to love this Clean Undies candle.  This candle smells fresh and clean.

americana-vintage-candlesThank you mom for planting pretty flowers:  Moms that love to garden help make the world a prettier place.  Flower loving moms are sure to enjoy the Firefly candle from Americana Vintage Candles that has a great flower and herb aroma.  If Lavendar is more to her liking there is Lavender and Herbs, also by Americana Vintage and Lavender Buds from 1803 Candles.  

Mom we love your cooking:  Whether it is her Praline Caramel Stickybuns, Snickerdoodle Cookies, or Cornbread there is a candle perfect for the memories of yesterday and making new memories tomorrow. 

Thanks for cleaning our home:  Moms love a clean house so after you help her clean light up one of these great fresh smelling candles like Lavender Lemongrass, Lemon Verbena, or Spicy Citrus.

Thank you for taking us camping (even when you didn't want to):  To bring back memories of camping and bonfires our Woodsmoke, Campfire, and Bonfire By The Lake candles are sure to please. 

Finally...we're sorry we may have made you drink a time or two:  Although she may not remember why she may have needed an extra drink now and then.  Remind her of those times...or help her forget...with one of our Spirit Candles like Bourbon & Spice or Blue Velvet Gin. 

The verdict is in...moms love candles and giving her a candle this Mother's Day with a memory or story attached is sure to make her day.    

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