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Hearts and Flowers Primitives 2017 Christmas Lighting Guide

Few things make the holidays as festive as great lighting.  Whether it is a simple, single candle in the window, or a ten foot tree with blinking and flashing lights; holiday lighting is important to how we celebrate the season.  Here is our guide to holiday lighting.  

When getting started with your holiday lights it is important to figure out exactly what you need.  Do you need battery operated lights, indoor/outdoor lights, or electric lights?  Do you want to have the option for blinking, flashing, and fading or are steady burning lights more your style.

Electric Holiday Lights

multi-function light stringsMulti-Function Teeny Light Strings:  These teeny bulb multi-function light strings come in five different styles. Each string has eight different functions including steady burn and various speeds of chasing, flashing, and fading.  The red and yellow strings are $18.50 and come with 100 bulbs.  The clear lights are $18.50 for a 140 bulb multi-function light string and the brown or yellow dipped strings of 140 are $24.95 each.  Our multi-function teeny light strings are great for a variety of uses including Christmas trees, mantles, and doorways.  Cool tip:   If you have a pre-lit tree you can add one or two of these strings to add a bit of sparkle and flash to your tree.  

Steady Burning Light Strings: Our teeny light strings also come in a variety of sizes from 20 lights to 100 lights and dipped and clear options.  These lights add a great touch of light and warmth to all sorts of areas from trees to mantles and doorways to tabletops.  

Charming Candle Lights: The tradition of a candle in the window at Christmas has beenelectric candle light a longtime favorite of many people.  These electric charming lights are perfect for that or other areas in your home where a nice warm night light is needed.

edison bulb light stringEdison Bulbs:  These are so cool!  You can see the light inside the bulbs for a great look.  We have them in single bulbs or an entire string of electric Edison lights for $35.00.  

Twig Light Garlands:  Twiglights have been around for awhile and are a perennial twig light garlandsfavorite for holiday decorating.  Now these easy to work with, bendable, and beautiful twig light garlands come in three different styles, plain brown (works great within greenery and garlands), silver sparkle, and white birch.  All three have 96 lights and are about five feet long.  

Pine Twig Lights:  Like the twig light garlands mentioned above these Pine Twig Lights allow you to have lighted pine branches in a variety of areas.  From baskets to churns you can add these lights for a bright addition to your Christmas decorations.  

Battery Operated:

Multi-Function Indoor/Outdoor Light Strings: Just like our electric mult-function light strings but instead of a cord you'll have a battery pack that requires 3 AA batteries.  These battery operated multi-function light strings come in strings of 96 or 192  teeny bulbs and eight different functions including steady burn, and multiple speeds of flashing and fading.  They can also be used indoors or outdoors and have a six hour on/eighteen hour off timer.  

battery operated tinsel garland light stringTinsel Garland Lights:  The Tinsel Garland Lights are perfect for a small tree or over a mantle.  The 45 lights are evenly spaced over a 15 foot long tinsel garland.  They have a 4 hour timer so that you can set them once and enjoy them without remembering to turn them on every evening.  

Waterfall Lights:  Battery operated Waterfall Lights are unique in that multiple strings of battery operated waterfall lightsbeautiful light come out of a single battery pack...like a waterfall… imagine that!  These lights are perfect for adding to the top of a small tree and having them dangle down all sides of the tree.  Other popular uses for these lights are as tabletop centerpieces.  Just put the battery pack in the center and spread the lights out around the entire table.  Like many of our other lights these have a 4 hour timer.  Battery Operated Waterfall Lights are powered by 3 AA batteries and are 3’10” long with 120 lights.  

battery operated star light stringStar Light Strings:  Star light strings can be used on trees, mantles, and even placed in jars or bottles for some starry sparkle.  They come in strings of 100 that are 17.5’ long and have a 4 hour timer run by 3AA batteries.

Remote Control Clip-on Candles:  These clip-on candles come in sets of six or twelve.remote control battery operated candles  There are no wires connecting each candle so you can put them wherever they are needed.  From Christmas Trees to mantles and wreaths to centerpieces you can spread them out as much as you want and they all work off of a single remote control.  The smaller size is 4" and takes 1 AAA battery per candle.  The large sizes is 5.25" and takes one AA battery per candle.  

wine bottle lightsWine Bottle Lights:  What’s a holiday party without wine?  Did you know that Hearts and Flowers Primitives is located in the heart of the Wine Capital of Georgia?  On your next visit to Hearts and Flowers Primitives in Cleveland, GA take a trip to one of the many wineries in the area.  When the bottle is finished drop in one of these Battery Operated Wine Bottle Lights and let the glow light up your home.  These include 12 warm white lights on a 2 foot cord and the battery pack holding two AAA batteries fits right in the top of the bottle.  These lights also have a six hour timer.  

Wire Light Strings:  Wire light strings come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and styles.  We have colors like white, yellow, green, and red.  Plus some really cute ones like the Candy Cane Light string.  You’ll definitely find a place for these somewhere in your home this Holiday Season.  These operate on AA batteries.  

Simulated Flame Candles:

Flickering Lanterns:  The realistic flames of these lanterns is just amazing.  They work flickering flame lanternsgreat high up on a mantle or even on a tabletop as a centerpiece.  There are a couple different styles to suit many different tastes.  They take AA batteries and have timers so once you turn them on they’ll keep coming on each evening.  

flicker flame taper candlesFlicker Flame Tapers:  Flickering Flame Taper Candles are one of our most popular new products.  These 7” taper candles take two AA batteries and have a 4 hour timer.  The flickering motion of the flame makes it look like a real candle.  Perfect for candelabras, mantles, and windows.  Four colors to choose from.  

Flickering Flame Pillar Candles:  Like the flickering flame taper candles mentioned flicker flame pillar candlesabove these are super realistic flicker flame pillar candles that have a moving flame and great light that fool many people into thinking you have a real candle burning.  Add these to a lantern or pair with a candle ring for added joy.  Several sizes and colors available, six hour timer, requires AA or C size batteries.  

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