A Cheerful Giver Candles

$ 24.50

A Cheerful Giver Candles  (sometimes known as Keepers of the Light) are the best jar candles.  This large jar burns 155 hours and is available in many wonderful scents.  These candles have two wicks for more even burning.  Colors will vary with scent.

We currently have over 18 scents from A Cheerful Giver (Keepers of the Light) including:  

Gourmet Sugar Cookie * Maple Syrup Pancakes * Orange Glazed Cranberry Scones * Lavender Vanilla * Cashmere * Caramelized Creme Brulee * Caramel Roasted Sweet Potatos * Heather & Hyacinth * Pecan Belgian Waffles * Praline Caramel Sticky Buns * Juicy Apple * Bonfire by the Lake * Rustic Woodland Fig * Banana Nut Bread * Oatmeal Raisin Cookies * Spicy Cinnamon * Caramel Biscotti * Hearthside Gatherings * Cranberry Orange * Orange Cinnamon Clove


Note:  Some scents are seasonal and may not be available all year.

Note: Due to Covid-19 some items may be on back order. 

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