1803 Soy Candles *New Arrivals*

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Fantastic Soy Candles

The hand poured soy wax candles from 1803 Candle Company have a classic look in the Kerr Mason jars that complement any decor.  Plus they have a variety of fragrances that are sure to delight.  Made with 100% clean burning soy wax.  Enjoy! Currently available in two jar sizes and melts.


Cornbread & Honey:  This country inspired scent is one that holds a special place in our hearts. The golden brown color of the cornbread as it cools on the counter begs to be eaten with a dollop flavoring enhancing honey butter. Our Cornbread & Honey soy jar candle will keep your mouth watering for days to come.

Lavender Lemongrass:  A refreshing candle, Lavender Lemongrass is a highly requested scent. 1803’s Lavender Lemongrass soy candles have just the right combination of lavender and lemongrass to bring you a brisk, uplifting scent that also soothes the weary soul. A Lavender Lemongrass soy jar candle is the right choice any time your spirit needs a stimulating boost!

Lemon Drop Cookie:  Lemon Drop Cookie is a replica of a country kitchen inspired lemon sugar blended with rich, buttery hand-mixed dough. Pure lemony goodness! Not too tart, with a creamy invigorating lemon aroma, Lemon Drop Cookie is your favorite homemade cookie in candle form. Our authentic, original Lemon Drop Cookie soy jar candle has remained in the top ten best sellers since it was lovingly created. Lemon Drop Cookie will be sure to make your mouth water and cause your kitchen to fill with family.

Northwoods Cabin:  This is the same scent as the ever popular Mistletoe Kisses.   Northwoods Cabin is a robust, full-bodied aroma of pine boughs, leaves, berries, and trees of the forest. A heavier scent, Northwoods Cabin will please anyone nostalgic for weekends spent at the cabin hiking through the woods while wearing a favorite, soft flannel shirt. Or for those who refer to memories of canoeing on the still lake at the quiet of dawn while the air is still crisp and heavy with dew. Northwoods Cabin will create the feeling of relaxing at the cabin no matter where It is.

Nutmeg & Ginger:  A warming infusion of aromatic Ginger and sweet nutmeg for a scent that has no season. it’s just a good to be home fragrance…

Frasier Fir & Tobacco: This fragrance unfolds with a crisp blend of Fraser fir and woodsy cardamom topped with warm amber. A beautiful scent that can be enjoyed any time of year by men and women alike.

Graham Cracker Crumble: A crumbled dough takes shape when mom mixes butter, cream, brown sugar, vanilla bean, and flour on the kneading board. She sprinkles the top of a pie with the buttery crumble and bakes it until the kitchen fills with a golden aroma.

Honeysuckle Vines: “The fragrant vines tangle around the arbor and attract hummingbirds and butterflies.”

Kindred Spirit: "Simple things have their way of being the treasured memories we keep in our hearts for a lifetime"

Meyer Lemon: Bright and sunny citrus, naturally sweet with a touch of orange and vanilla. This is a fresh, vibrant, and clean scent for your home.

Mountain Hike: Let's take our hearts for a walk in the woods and listen to the magic whispers of old trees; sweet balsam and spruce.

Palo Santo Wood: Our candle fragrance Palo Santo Wood is sure to please anyone with its rich wood tones, ambered blooms, vetiver, sandalwood, citrus, and patchouli.

Pine Needles & Berries: “Grandpa and the children cut the first tree of the season. Grandma strings popcorn and berries to hang from the branches.” The Christmas season is not complete without a tree type scent. This fragrance can be enjoyed well after the holidays.

 Mistletoe Kisses: “On the way to see the Christmas village, Mama and Daddy stop under the mistletoe at the general store.” No. 1 Christmas candle at 1803 and enjoyed by many all through the holiday season.

1803 House:Spice blend of ginger, cinnamon, clove with hints of nutmeg, orange, brown sugar & vanilla. Our candle crew created this fragrance reminiscent of stepping inside 1803 Candles® in Waterman, IL. Always 100% soy wax candles poured by hand.


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