A Cheerful Giver Candles *NEW ARRIVALS*

$ 24.50

Cheerful Giver Candles  (sometimes known as Keepers of the Light) are the best jar candles.  This large jar burns 155 hours and is available in many wonderful scents.  These candles have two wicks for more even burning.  Colors will vary with scent.

We currently have over 20 scents including:

 Maple Syrup Pancakes * Lavender Vanilla * Pecan Belgian Waffles * Praline Caramel Sticky Buns * Juicy Apple * Bonfire by the Lake * Rustic Woodland Fig * Banana Nut Bread *  Cinnamon Twist* Cranberry Orange * Orange Cinnamon 

Juicy Apple - Fresh-picked cherry apples with a hint of spicy cinnamon & clove

Orange-Cinnamon-Clove - Cinnamon & cloves draped with a layer of fresh orange

Praline Caramel Sticky Buns - BEST SELLER - Warm vanilla extract swirled with caramel, brown sugar, butter & pecans.

Pecan Belgium Waffles - Fresh Pumpkin puree, creamed butter, toasted pecans, maple spice, brown sugar & vanilla

Cranberry Orange - Rich cranberry, sweet orange mixed with spicy cinnamon & clove

Bonfire By The Lake - Spicy blend of nutmeg, cinnamon & clove with smoky notes of fallen leaves & forest woods.

Candy Cane - Swirled peppermint & coconut blended with the fresh scent of clove, vanilla & caramel

Branches and Berries - Take a hike through the evergreen forest with vibrant notes of pomegranate, apple & plum

Mountain Vineyard - Relax in the cool mountain climate relishing in luscious grapevines & harvested, wild blackberries.

Fresh Peeled Macintosh - Fresh cut, crisp juicy apple with a layer of tart & sweet.

Nutmeg and Spice - Fire-roasted almonds covered with spicy clove and warm, wintery nutmeg.

Maple Syrup Pancake - The pure fragrance of the finest Vermont maple syrup poured over fluffy pancakes

Angel Food Cake-A delicious creamy blend of cake & vanilla ensconced in whipped cream & fresh berries

Vanilla Bourbon - A bold blend of creamy vanilla and smooth barrel aged bourbon.

Evenings On The Porch - Hazelnut coffee swirled with creamy maple & cinnamon clove with a hint of vanilla sugar

Banana Nut Bread - An enticing blend of banana rum, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg & hazelnut

Lavender Vanilla - Fresh cut lavender, vanilla, Italian bergamot, sage & woodsy cedar.

Cranapple Toddy - Enjoy the bright blend of tart cranapple mulling spices & sweet pomegranates.

Parisian Cafe - Sip bergamot tea in a quaint café in lovely Paris paired with a rich buttery croissant

Salted Caramel Cone - Fresh baked waffle cones coated in soft caramel & and finished with sugary whipped cream.

Pistachio & Honey - Savor the enticing aroma of toasted pistachios warm wildflower and honey.

Bread and Pudding - The irresistible aroma of warm bread pudding topped with sweet caramel powdered sugar & vanilla cream.

Lemon Butter Poundcake - Mouth watering baked lemon pound cake with spicy nutmeg and sweet vanilla.

Sage & Citrus - A blend of earthly sage grown with a bright burst of fresh citrus.

Farmhouse Memories - A spicy blend of fresh cinnamon ginger & cloves layered in Tonka & Vanilla.

Moonlit Ocean - Bathe in the dark waters of the Pacific Ocean with saltwater mist sea lavender and beach grass

Honey Pear Cider - Delicious Anjou pear and Honey Crisp apple sprinkled with Cinnamon and clove.

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