Welcome Home Mr. Adams

As many of you know Hearts and Flowers Primitives is located in a 120 plus year old building.  The building contains slanted floors and drafty gaps in the walls but serves our purposes amazingly well to showcase our candles, flowers, and home decor items.  

Sometimes I forget that about 10 years before we moved in 28 years ago people were still living in this old house.  Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting 89 year old Mr. Harold Adams who was visiting the area for a funeral.  He stopped by the store to talk about the 2-3 years he lived in this building back in the early 1940s.  

mr adamsMr. Adams was about 15 years old or so when he lived in what is now Hearts and Flowers Primitives.  He says to this day this old home was his favorite place to live.  He told me about where the kitchen was located in the building, the bedrooms, and where the family spent their time.  He said he thought his brother was born here.  

Mr. Adams also spoke of a story about someone that had lived in the house and slept with a .22 rifle in their bed.  One night the rifle went off scaring everyone and putting a hole in the mattress.  There may even be a hole somewhere in the wall from this accident (but who could tell with all the other holes in the building).  Luckily no one was hurt by that and everyone had a good laugh afterwards.  

It was also nice to hear from Mr. Adams that the floors in the building were rough and un-even back in the 1940s, just as they are today.  

It is so nice to have people like Mr. Adams stop by and tell us about the things that went on here on the property before we moved in.  If you know of stories or have pictures of our building and property from the past we'd love to hear about it.  

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  • patty franke

    It is great to occupy a space that has a history prior to you. It is fabulous to meet part of that history. If only those walls could talk!

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