Too Early??? Maybe But We've Had Requests

Christmas Christmas Tree

Is it too early to start thinking about your Christmas Trees this year?  Maybe so, but we've had lots of people ask about what trees we'll be selling and have a long list of people wanting trees.  

To make things easy I decided to put all the information on the trees that have come in so far in this one place so people can look and see what they need and get a tree before they're gone.  

The images below show the trees outside with no lights or decorations and 'un-fluffed'.  

5' Christmas Tree

This year's 5 foot Christmas tree is so realistic it is almost indistinguisable from a real tree (Check out the last picture).  These trees are $135.  If you'd like to order please call (706) 865-1244 or contact us.


5 foot Christmas Tree

5 foot Christmas Tree Close

5 foot Christmas Tree Pinecone

4 Foot Christmas Tree

Just like the 5 Foot Christmas Tree the 4 footer is just as realistic with pinecones and great looking needles.  Check out the images below.  The 4 foot tree is $95.  If you'd like one please call (706) 865-1244 or contact us.

4 Foot Christmas Tree

4 Foot Tree Close

Close UP 4 Foot Christmas Tree

We also have a great looking 3 foot tree that we'll be adding images here soon.  

We are now open 7 days a week so you can come by and see these great looking trees in person anytime.  


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