Indoor/Outdoor Battery Operated Multi-Function Light String

$ 17.50

Indoor/Outdoor Battery operated multi-function light strings

These strings operate on 3 AA batteries and have 8 different settings.  They are indoor/outdoor and come in two different lengths (96 lights approx. 24' and 192 lights approx. 48').  The indoor/outdoor multi-function light strings also have a six hour timer that allows them to go off automatically six hours after they've been turned on and then come on again the next day.  These light strings can be used in a lot of different applications:

  • In outdoor areas where electricity is not available like Mailboxes, Porches, Tents, Trees, etc.
  • For Parades and Tailgate Parties
  • As part of a Halloween Costume, Haunted House, or other spooky location
  • Inside along stair railings, kitchen cupboards, mantels, and fireplaces

Here's a video showing these lights in action.  Pay attention to the first minute.  

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