Dorm Room Candle Warmer Kit

$ 35.00

Make your dorm room smell great this year with this candle warmer and two bags of our most popular melts. By making your dorm room smell great you can improve your sleep, have more energy, and increase your memory while studying.  Choose between the Round Star Warmer and the Square Warmer and then pick your two scents.  

These electric candle warmers allow you to have the great scent of a candle in your dorm room withou tthe danger of a burning flame.  Works with standard electric outlets.  The heat from the included lightbulb melts the wax to create a great scent.  

The square melter is 4.75" square and 3.5" tall. (Currently out of stock)

The round star tart burner is 5.5" round and 4" tall.

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