Battery Operated Taper Candles With Timer

$ 8.50

Battery operated taper candles are perfect for windowsills, chandeliers, or just about any other place where a taper candle would go. These battery operated taper candles also have a 6 hour/18hour timer so that they will stay on for six hours and then go off for 18 hours before coming back on again. This makes them perfect for hard to reach areas. Just turn them on at the desired time and they'll come on every day and stay on for six hours. Requires 1 AA battery (4 inch  Sold out) and 2 AA batteries (7 inch). The battery operated taper candles with timer are 4.75" (sold out)  or 7" tall and come in three colors, cream, black, and burgundy.  Candle holders sold separately, candles individually.

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