Postcard Tin Candles

$ 22.50

These tin can candles have a decopaged vintage postcard giving them a great look.  There is a nice tin top and 5 amazing fragrances.  Made right here in Georgia!  10 ounces, 50 hour burn time. 2.5" x 3".  Each candle comes packaged in a nice kraft box.  

Ancient Philosophy:  Orange tea, clove, patchouli

Anise and Black Pepper:  Star anise, lemonpepper, lavender, woody patchouli & amber

Grapefruit Pine:  Grapefruit pine, plum, Siberian fir, musk & sandalwood

Honeysuckle:  Gardenia, ginger lillies, late spring honeysuckle blossoms, jasmine, clove, ylang ylang

Woodsmoke:  Sweet acrid smoke, amber, fresh cut wood

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